Fuck sequelize, the bloody query generated by the "ORM" give diferent result on the same DB if you trie it on dBeaver (works fine) vs node (shit results).

order DESC have 0 effect on sequelize, but it appears on the logger as part of the query.

I just want to go to sleep ffs.

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    Kill it while you can. It is the shittiest orm I've used.
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    @ars1 on it... it will be legacy, we are now co-living with it because reasons.
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    The whole Node.js ecosystem is cancer.
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    @themissingbrace We are moving to python/django

    So far, so good
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    @zoridan pythons orms are one notch above nodes.
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    Fuck. I've started using it a few weeks ago...
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    I considered it, and deemed it a chore hours after.

    Seriously, just write SQL queries.

    If in node, mysql2 does sanitizing for you (the biggest pain point) and supports most flavors.

    Any remotely competent backend dev should be able to convert from one flavor to another if needed.
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