so i have a situation, hopefully hypothetical for now.

assume that i have to take a break from my work and stay at home for 6 years. i cannot sit in front of laptop for more than 10 minutes at a time,or more than a few hours a day . the remaining time i would be doing non technical/home work.

what would be something that i could do in those years to keep myself job ready once am ready to come out of that hiatus?

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    Learn some other profession that doesn't require using a computer.
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    @cafecortado wouldn't it be an incorrect decision, considering the fact that i want to go back at dokng computer stuff after the hiatus? for eg, java 15 is very different from java 1.3, and someone coming from a hiatus without actively following the changes might not be a suitable fit for the companies at that time
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    Just start fresh as a junior after the six years.
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    Don't take psychology or economics.
    Have some money saved
    Study oh I have no idea
    Engineering used to be big but I can't imagine there being much market in this bullshit time period

    About the only thing these people ever do right is employ people with the skills to create theme park special effects ice sculptures and construction specific to strange circumstances to make neat things they turn around and use to traumatize their victims in after letting normal people wander through them
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    And of course when stealing my concepts and ideas and barely Including me they offer little incentive because they waste time and money trying to give children like I was bad dreams
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    Teach a college course on programming.
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