The more I hear about algorithms creating political bubbles the more I start to think about if I'm in one. Its crazy how as soon as you watch certain types of content you get a lot of political stuff. Eg. watch fishing and outdoor stuff and soon you will find a lot of conservative politics in your feed.
I feel like the science and engineering side has been mostly untouched, but on this topic people are more clever to hide a political agenda. Theres a lot of content that shows if we can do something and almost none whether we should do it. So we have a lot of unaware people that are pushing tech without understanding the deeper consequences of their agenda. I get the feeling of a trend, that a lot of people, sometimes myself included, don't do much thinking about the things they know and simply let others do the processing. Any new information then gets stored and never processed.

TLDR: Fuck you, take the time to read it or get lost!

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    Yeah that's a tricky topic.
    I usually try not to be fingerprinted by websites, or have an account, so they have to serve the most generic content they have. From there you can tell most of the time, if the algorithm is working or not.

    Apart from politics in some cases a algorithm can be useful, as long as youre aware that it's there, such as on music streaming platforms.
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    You are. Bubbles were there even without tech.
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    Confirmation bias affects us all
    We are all susceptible to propaganda
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    It is highly unlikely, that you aren't in some bubbles. But it also is highly unlikely that you really want to hear content from all bubbles. So be grateful that you don't have to.
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    I've been playing the bubble for years, trying to control what crap stays out of it. The bubble hides a lot of content I would enjoy.
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    What is this feed you speak of ?

    I'm still doing things the old fashioned way of searching for what I want.
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