Thinking about perhaps doing a Linux From Scratch. Never done anything like it but feels like it would be a good way to learn more about how Linux actually works. Do you think it's a good idea for someone like me with an ok understanding of Linux but only on a "user level", or should I start somewhere else?

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    If you mean Linux kernel, you can first try to compile one yourself and switch to it on some already installed operating system to validate. Then you can start customizing it. But I don't know if making Linux kernel from scratch makes sense so you probably mean GNU/Linux desktop OS. For that it depends on the part you want to dabble with. Arch Linux is a great way to start at a more minimal starting point and compose your Linux experience from the ground up.
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    So just to clarify I'm talking about this: https://www.linuxfromscratch.org/

    @joas So I'm daily driving Manjaro rn. I don't know how much just compiling the kernel gives (but perhaps there's things to learn there). I'm more out to learn about how Linux (yes both the kernel and GNU/Linux) works on a lower level than I know from just using it.
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    @scriptcoded Was worth the clarification. I was idly thinking it might be a course that took students from knowing Scratch to knowing Linux...
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    @ScriptCoded I didn't know there was such a project. It seems cool learning experience.
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    I've started or with Gentoo and you would not believe good much that thought me about operating systems in general so I wholeheartedly can say go for it if you are interested.
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    I read the most exciting parts of the LFS book. Seems like a lot of compiling, that Gentoo users are probably quite used to, and configuration which is fimilar to me as an Arch user. There's definitely a lot of information there, but I'd say that it's nothing too extreme and unfimilar to an advanced Linux user that have installed Linux without an installer for example.
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    I'm always down for learning something new, so you should go for it if only for that.

    That said, you might find the constant make and GCC shenanigans a bit intimidating if you have never dealt with compiling your own shit before, but it's definitely something everyone can handle.
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    Honestly just do it. You sure will learn something.
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