Ahh, management. They now decided to implement yet another clown role. Release manager…


I am leaving. I just must leave this workplace!

They have so many roles now and it’s getting increasingly difficult to avoid them. I thought we were flying low before to avoid the radar (we use ci/cd, all automated, deploy all days of the week, so we are good. I mean, we go from business need to implement with (some) quality in minutes. Yes, we make mistakes and we fix them rapidly and continuously).

It will be difficult to stay. I really thought I would enjoy it here but management is making it pretty clear that they are not serious about software. They want fancy titles and pretend to work.

Fire em all I say! No one will notice that they are gone. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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    Maybe you should suggest some new role for yourself.
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    There is probably a generator for that.
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    Release manager sounds like it is all about adding tags to branches and incrementing version numbers.
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    @Oktokolo that's exactly what i have Seen them doing. Sure one release manager tried tot do it serious and required that every teams Desiree release is accompanied by succeeding tests, but Often it's not. And then when it all goes wrong, this release manager gets to blâme eveyone else.
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