!rant - Does anyone know if there is like a stack overflow (basically a community) that is simply for dev discussion? Like recommendations etc? DevRant is kinda perfect but strictly speaking it's not a discussion community, it's for rants.

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    This community started for rants, but it's really for anything. Not even programming related.

    (Porn, and Memes seem to be popular topics.)

    In short, ask your questions. Just don't expect professional answers like on SO.

    And don't spam questions, of course. While this community is for everything, it's still focussed on ranting and we should avoid flooding it with questions. I've heard rumors that @dfox is going to impliment a feature for asking questions, similar to the "stories" tab.
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    @Cyanite All good. To be honest I've not seen much off topic stuff on here. Definitely no porn and the only memes I've seen have been dev related. That's why I was not wanting to come out and ask a full on question. However... I now will. Cheers.
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    Not actual Porn.. Just people talk about it a LOT.
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    @Cyanite Waiting 2 hours to post my question :-)
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