Tips for all the programmers out there:

- A programmer is not a PC repair man, just no one seems to remember about that

- Programming is thinking, not typing.
Counting starts from zero, not one.

- Even after completing a degree and courses and working on IT projects, learning never stops. If you want to stay competitive you should also work on personal projects that force you to use languages and software you never work with on the job.

- You don’t need serious math skills to be a developer. However, you’ll need basic algebra, logic, strong problem-solving skills, and most of all, patience.
- You don’t need a degree to be a developer - programming is like almost any profession: if you’re good at it, people will pay you for your skills, regardless of how you got there.

- Sleeping with a problem, can actually solve it.

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    The last one. I have no idea how many times I fell to sleep with little progress on a problem and wake up with a solution. The human brain is an amazing thing...
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    @cyberlord64 same here. I gave up fighting myself to figure out my errors--I at least don't actively anymore--i go do something else and let the creative juices in my head slosh about freely until the stew's ready.
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    I wish I could find the source of info that tells young people they need math skills in order to write code and set it on fire.

    Do you like to learn?
    Do you like helping people?

    Yes to both and you can have a healthy career in the IT arena.
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    @Jop- boolean algebra?
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    Saw this on Quora a few days ago. Really insightful
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    @Jop- well, not entirely true. Sometimes math helps while programming, but quite rarely in my case.
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    @cyberlord64 it really is, I started to leave a notebook next to my bed incase the solution occurs at 4am or something
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    Point two, don't agree. Although i obviously think a little before starting to type, everything usually comes up during the programming itself for me!

    Point four, definitely. I fucking suck at math but I'm i think alright at programming!
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    @Jop- which means that you already know algebra. It's your source that differs.
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    @linuxxx But you think while typing, multitasking!
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    The last one happened with me many times 😁
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    @linuxxx Agreed.

    And for those wondering what the first (read 1st (read 1)) value when counting is represented by..
    You never begin to count/iterate if the value provided to count/iterate over is empty, hence you never end up with an empty array/set with a length of 1, it has a length of 0 - because it has no values and nothing, in counting, is represented by 0 (sort of).

    If that doesn't make sense, try this exercise: count all the values in an array/set, what was the 0th? And what was the 1st 🤔😮

    Indexing starts at zero for some other reason idk enough about to explain.
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    @brod indexes probably start at zero because they are offsets to the base address stored in the variable. So an offset of 0 points correctly to the first, or 1st, item. In reality, although it's a fun pun, programmers count just like regular people, 1 programmer banana is not 2 regular people bananas.
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    Thank you for the information.
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