hr- "so why are looking to switch from X"
me- "well i currently work in b2b domain amd i really want to work on B2C product where millions of users are being impacted"

hr- "yeah we also have premium companies as users and b2b work is not much different than b2c. what else?"

me- "uh umm, also i saw the opening for a journalism company , so i was very tempted to apply as i always
wanted to work for jo-"

hr- "the opening is for p, a subdomain of our company which is a music player"

me- "umm that's okay. i guess i like listening to music as well πŸ˜… . also i wanted to work nearby to my home"

hr- "yeah that's the real reason. your current company is asking you to come to their city"

me- "no they are still remote!" (they aren't)

hr- "i will connect you with another person. please be negotiable"

πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜­ mann i am so much out of the game i am embarrassing myself over a phone call. can't even answer a stupid why question

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    I don't think it's any of their business why you want to leave your current company. Keep your answer to what motivates you in the company you're applying to.
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    Did you consider honesty as an option? Everyone understands, that people have families and friends - and therefore don't like moving town for no reason.
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    @Oktokolo being able to work from home town is a good but embarrassing response from what i have heard. people shift cities and live away from their wives and families just to be in their dream job/salary range
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    @dotenvironment There are people who love their wifes and there are people who love their job. while it is theoretically possible to be in love with more than one partner, in practice such relationships almost always fail hard.

    Embarassing or not, honesty is one of that traits that could make you pretty attractive to an employer you actually would like working for.
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