I finally got my new home server.
A Lenovo ThinkCentre M720q in one of the higher configurations.
Any ideas what top level OS I should put on it?
ATM, I'm thinking Proxmox, ESX or Alpine.
I like proxmox because of the neat UI for everything but I'm kinda worried about how it basically takes the most important parts of the system over.
I like Alpine since I already use it for quite a while as my goto server OS and because of AWALL, which IMHO is the best linux server firewall.
I didn't get to evaluate ESX yet.

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    Maybe try to find out what you want to do first.

    Virtualisation? Then Proxmox makes sense, it gives you all the freedom.

    Baremetal? Use a server OS. I cannot understand why someone would use Alpine with MUSL as an server OS... But hmkay.

    Firewall is a separate issue. If it's at home, I don't really see a point - block at the WAN of your router outgoing traffic from the server IP and save yourself the hassle from managing multiple firewalls.
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    Just use windows :^)))
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    @msdsk windows as a server....

    Better spend the hardware than to someone that needs it and knows how to make use of it.

    Windows and server is just a loss of resources.
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    @IntrusionCM I'm legally bound to add a disclaimer that it was a joke.
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    Proxmox, then you can decide later what you want to use it for
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    Linux from scratch?
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