Tumblr devs be like...

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    Creative log 👌
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    And users posted happily ever after
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    I would be nice if they made an app that runs well.. it is pretty shit
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    @robbietoppert and they don't have their API public so not even 3rd party ones can be made D:
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    Better then 'a Baby dies'.
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    Did they smash a baby?
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    every company should be cool like this one 😀
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    Also this 🤣🤣
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    They just make me really want to update, I mean I don't need more curses, I already have clients to do that. @savvisingh
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    You should read the Discord changelogs (I think it was discord)
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    Cudos to them for making more interesting (tho ultimately just as useless) changelogs than the generic "Improvements for speed and reliability" that certain unnamed companies give with every single app update.
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