The "startup idea"-guy starterpack ... "I just need some one to code it."

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    Don't forget a blazer and the stupid look when you turn that "awesome" idea down.

    Nothing against blazers though ^.^
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    "I'll pay you from the first quarter profits. Or stock options. Whichever comes first."
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    Nah the best is when j.p Sears posted a video about entrepreneurs
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    mac book & iphone
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    This repost will always get upvotes for as long as the non-technical keep asking their developer friends to build a new Google.
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    Them: And give me 40% share.
    Me: Fuck off..
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    Reminds me of the Big Bang Theory Episode when Howard's high school bully tries the same thing. Met these types all too often, had one guy who wanted 80% of the business for just having an idea and motivating people.
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    Damn... Often I meet such guys... They are driving me crazy with their no pay stupid ideas...
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    Friend: I have this amazing idea that will bring us loads of cash
    Me: Cool and like your idea, but what's you plan for generating income?
    Friend: let's first make it alive then we'll think of generating income
    Me: how are you going to pay me?
    Friend: you'll get your share from the profits, I'm sure that's so much better than hourly wage

    We all have that kind of people in our lives 😒😒😒
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