User:"It's not working"
Me:"Have you turned it off and on again?"
Me: goes down there, system uptime is 360days...
"How do you turn it off?"
User:"by pressing the button on the monitor

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    It's ridiculous how often I come across this....
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    Uptime is whole year ?
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    @sam9669 yeah really, it's amazing ahah
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    @sam9669 most probably not windows :D
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    @TrueFurby they were running Windows 7...
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    @DevTard Can we like... Study them or something?
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    @Jilano ahah yeah I can hear it now "here we have the user in it's native habitat" David Attenborough should totally so that aah
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    @andros705 yeah, over the summer we are upgrading to Windows 10, they'll never get 360days with Windows 10....
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    I facepalmed for a solid 10 seconds
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    Did anyone else hear Roy's voice? "Have you tried to turn it off and on again?"
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    I guess I should be happy that my family mainly uses laptops...
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    ..and there goes a flower pot in users mouth 💃💃
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    Thug Life B)
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    Truth be told , my laptop's uptime was about 135 days until windows burned down , I just leave it on 24/7 since I remote into it from work for multiple reasons :)
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    For real now?
    And I thought our clients who don't know copy-paste where stupid.
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    Have you heard of updog?
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    😂😂😂😂 I think I would have lost it at that point.
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