oh, I have a few mini-projects I'm proud of. Most of them are just handy utilities easing my BAU Dev/PerfEng/Ops life.

- bthread - multithreading for bash scripts: https://gitlab.com/netikras/bthread
- /dev/rant - a devRant client/device for Linux: https://gitlab.com/netikras/...
- JDBCUtil - a command-line utility to connect to any DB and run arbitrary queries using a JDBC driver: https://gitlab.com/netikras/...
- KubiCon - KuberneterInContainer - does what it says: runs kubernetes inside a container. Makes it super simple to define and extend k8s clusters in simple Dockerfiles: https://gitlab.com/netikras/KubICon
- ws2http - a stateful proxy server simplifying testing websockets - allows you to communicate with websockets using simple HTTP (think: curl, postman or even netcat (nc)): https://gitlab.com/netikras/ws2http

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