So, management seem laser focused on hiring folks with work visa. What’s up with that? The latest five new employees. At least two of them utterly useless (have not worked with the others).

These are devs. ”Senior” as stated by closest manager. 😬 Yeah…ok.

It such a worthless leadership. It’s alot about

”We successfully filled the position for a senior developer”


”I am happy to announce that the new release manager for system X has been hired”

All about numbers. Closing the deal. Never about quality.

I guess salary is a BIG issue here and that is why we see this. I have no problem with VISA employees. But they seem bad at what-they-are-doing. Just…incompetent. *sigh*

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    It's cause you got them by their nuts when they're on work visa in another country.

    Look it up. It's called 'exploitation'.
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    @scor it is terrible in so many ways
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