you know what annoys me about this situation the most ?

noone is living an ideal life
in any sense
except a few

but that being said, living less than ideal life if people had not wasted so much time, would have led to certain things becoming better.


if i was out of development work, and had to take a crap job.

and lets say that ended up putting me in a financially unstable situation.

if i had rotten teeth, i could work part time, go to a sliding scale place and fix them one by one
while either educating myself further or looking for a better job because in truth, if i'm accepting a part time job, i must be fucked.

i don't see any longevity in an intensely physical job, I see an early death.

there are not enough paying people to ensure everyone has a skilled job, and truthfully not everyone can, but we have more people than we need to do the unskilled and skilled jobs both so why are we not running with that ?

the best time to do unskilled labor or just labor jobs period is when a person is young and there body is new.

and then not for long or with accommodation considering throwing your back out or fucking up your knees stays with you for life.

everything is so backwards in this country.

people think in terms so frequently these days in 'how can i make someone else suffer for my amusement and see their potential diminished so i feel better about my fucked up pathetic life ?'


'how can i get revenge against a person that doesn't deserve it'


'how can i ensure other people are totally boned so my charmed life i don't deserve seems satisfying'

its pretty gross as are these people

well fast forward years later and life appears fairly repetitive for alot of people

took a very large of detours here, had some fun, experienced some fucked up horros, saw a few wonders which were mostly based off my ideas, and some that were not.

still i return to what is to be done about our unfair, wasteful system ?

I've always been a fan of removing people's 'excuses' to neglect their children for example.
and definitely blocking all avenues of abuse.
even unintended, or pretended to be unintended.
i also hate people who smell because they don't clean themselves, and use excuses for that
I also hate people who make other people live in a situation where they can't take care of themselves and then try to dominate places they seek refuge because our fucking system sucks.

I also hate that there is more food than people can eat and restaurants closing when there are hungry people.

i also despise that we have more vacant houses in this country than we have family units.
some are just rotting away from neglect.

and i most especially hate people who get off on watching whole landscapes decay.

there is tons of work for the proper people
some of it is hard
some of it is tedious
its these kind of tasks that are necessary
the right spirit and the RIGHT COMPENSATION and the work gets done.. hopefully.

starting out with placing everyone in means to eat and sleep and clean themselves seems the most important.

everything else is icing on the cake, because by and large many people get sick of doing the same exact things, and people hate staring at the wall.

the problem is, there are alot of people who are, due to extreme damages from our modified culture, extremely abnormal, sadistic and untrustworthy around... anyone.

so with more time on their hands, they get bored and turn destructive and antisocial and breed people to be worse.

years I've been preaching this.
same people fly past in man places.
here and there some new fool marches in, eyes sparkling with malevolence, only to get caught in the same eternal loop and be absorbed into it.
i haven't seen one such as myself that I know of, that showed up with every intention of changing their life, becoming friendly with people, finding the things they enjoyed, and improving themselves intellectually, emotionally and socially; searching for an environment filled with more people who would be helpful to this extent, getting a rude awakening and realizing how horrible their country was becoming.

don't know if I should be happy being alone as the only sane person. heh.

I really don't want to be. I just want us to be happy. this is deserved after so much hardship. after seeing how people in general have become.

oh we all have lusts and vices and shortcomings, but the gulf that had grown between ordinary folk and the general population is astoundingly wide.

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    "I haven't seen one […] that showed up with every intention of […] improving themselves […]"

    Then maybe it is country/region-bound as you suggest. Most of my current and past colleagues were empathetic. Not wanting to improve intellectually is something I see more often
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    @webketje well it's like this
    I was a sensitive nerdy kid from Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania sucks

    The area I grew up in unbeknownst to me was one of many places that housed a large number of families involved in the sex trade

    Many of these people were bred and reared to make some twisted hidden abnormal fantasy world a reality.

    So. They were weird and mean.
    And they called me weird but mostly that was the way they treated people who were not twisted sadistic hollow freaks like themselves who tried at least to master hiding this but fucking failed

    So. Other places I ended up around people who were just chronically unhappy shit faced a bit selfish and n bad moods.

    From all these people I did take on some selfish traits from being used to other people taking advantage and I was a bit of a dog sexually with other people at times.

    Amazingly I was 1000 of times more moral.
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    As Nietzche said: "Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”

    You are the product of your environment.

    I can't deny that life on average is an unfair struggle, but I grew up in a mostly friendly environment with very little abuse. None as bad as what you describe. So the question becomes: Is what you say universal truth all around the world, or have you just looked into the proverbial "abyss" for too long and it changed you.
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    @Hazarth oh there were light sides that occupied the time around my family when I was very young

    I had a good foundation in loving the simple pleasures, nature, certain traditions, peace, comfort and was genuinely nice.

    Then I started interacting with people outside my family and my dear parents started becoming even more dysfunctional

    And amazingly
    My life was actually better than 99% of the peopel around me some of which had sex with old men from childhood onwards and suffered silently at the sexual and psychological abuse of their own parents and were raised to believe some nonsense like shows on Nickelodeon had hidden meanings or were starring people just like them to give them a dysfunctional outlet that would make them monsters the rest of their lives
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    @Hazarth the sexual abuse I didn't remember until I was like 38 years old or more was just this darkened part of my psyche

    My father was trash
    He like most of these trash resented raising anyone who got better
    Who retained their nice traits

    They planned some really sick shit for me

    And they take advantage of some things

    Eventually their better adjusted children hurt these people and someone prevents retaliation in general

    In childhood though I kicked my dad in the balls because he tried to dance with me and something about it seemed odd

    Later that month some little monster kid kicked me in mine

    They were spiteful against children that way. They enjoyed their suffering and terror and unhappiness and breaking their hearts.

    Funny thing
    He died and I didn't know for over a decade after
    I was busy
    I didn't think about him
    I got over this shit
    So of course they drag me back into this bullshit because they can't be happy
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    @Hazarth btw it's funny I was just making fun of that quote from Nietzsche the other day in regards to their silly self aggrandizing asses.
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    @Hazarth well actually "I stared into the abyss and the abyss stared back" relating to them being big bad apex predators against things weigh less than 50 lbs

    Apex predators squeal like stuck pigs at times. Did you know that ?
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    @Hazarth they moan like their mother whores too
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