Devrant is basically reposts now. Devrant needs to change.

Devrant needs a search system for posts (anything simple would be better than nothing)

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    DevRant has a search feature. It also has a downvote to filter out reposts. Use it.
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    @ryanmhoffman Lol didn't see the search feature until you told me it exists...

    Also 1 downvote among 23 likes is nothing.
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    @umnikos But there's a setting to hide things marked as a repost. So if you down vote it as a repost, no one else will see it (I believe).
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    @CrankyOldDev i'll let @dfox sort this one out
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    Why complain instead of first taking a few minutes to look at the numerous features we offer for this?

    We have stories, which is all long form rants, and we have search and hide reposts as others have said...
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    @g-m-f if he couldn't find search I doubt he looked at any of the more extensive features
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