For a side project I identified the need for RPC (originally over Websocket but can be extended to WebRTC/DTLS) that supports

- JSON-serializable values
- Promises
- MessagePorts (including shortcut detection for ports that are passed back on a different route)
- async functions

I have ideas for all of these and this is an exciting prospective library, but it's also major scope bloat that will prevent me from ever finishing the project that depends on it.

Would you be interested in such a library if it ever got built?

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    Also MessagePorts are 1-1 subchannels but commonly used unidirectionally, this sort of usage should allow for 1-n connections while maintaining the simplicity of shortcut detection.

    I really suck at limiting scope.
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    Yeah I think I could find an easy to use RPC library nice to have. But it'd have to be hella good to compete with protobuf and whatnot. Please open source, might be fun to contribute :)
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    @bigmonsterlover @ScriptCoded Pretty sure protobuf doesn't do subchannels, let alone implicit ones, which are a precondition to all of this. Also the idea is that the protocol would be js-native and therefore schemaless but support a version negotiation algorithm which you can tie to a message set defined in Typescript.
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