Finals done.
Other People: "Yeah, time for fun, friends and parties!"
Me: "Yeah, time for side projects!"

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    Who waits for the end of finals to start side projects.... side project 24/7 365 days a year. Haha.
    What ate going to be working on?
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    Side projects during the year.
    Wait for finals to learn a new language
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    Yeah, side projects I'll never finish...
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    Fuck side projects, you'll have you whole life to code.
    Go party, drink, hit up some friends, party with chicks... In 10 years you'll be deep in work, when you'll party?
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    Oh, I first read "suicide projects"...
    I'm glad it's not that. 😁
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    Once you're working and maybe even have a family you don't have much time for side projects. Learn as much as possible while you're young, it's hard to get time to pick up new skills outside of work when you're older.

    The drive to learn is still there, but the time isn't.
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    @SoulSkrix So true! Balance is key!
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    @luper Well I like focus on a few things at a time, so, first study 24/7 then side projects 24/7. Will build a widget for axure that allows fast prototyping of chatbots and want to look into building something in Unity that learns how to climb walls through machine learning. Will see how it goes 😏
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    @3picName sounds like a good time!
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    Do whatever the Fuck You want!
    And have no regrets about it.
    If you wanna work on projects to get better or just for the fun of it do that. If you want to do coke bang hookers all week long go for it.
    And fuck balance go all in
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    @slar I'm married and have a daughter, not much time to learn at home.
    That's why I learn at work. If you work at a place that doesn't give you the opportunity to learn and improve, find a new place.
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