Next time you meet someone who thinks they’re a genius, even if that person is staring back at you from the mirror, remember this kid’s story. Too bad he died so young. He could have helped humanity with his ideas about better water usage. https://news.join1440.com/t/...

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    Genius people can also be insanely bad persons like serial killer. So noone knows.
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    @KDSBest But why go negative about this particular story? All indications were that he wasn’t a sociopath. Far from it. He was looking to help his family and the world. The opposite of a serial killer. Where would we be were it not for geniuses like Nikola Tesla, Einstein, Curie, and others? Imagine if signs of genius were looked on as suspiciously then as they seem to be now. Those people might have been hunted down and killed in witch hunts rather than allowed to thrive and innovate. I see it already in people who want Elon Musk dead, all for the “crime” of having an “unsanctioned” opinion and being good at accumulating capital to invest in innovative businesses.
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    @stackodev I said you never know what a person will be if he was an adult. Always sad when someone dies young, but happens daily alot.
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