Just got my own server, off to a bad start, it won't boot of my USB drive.

I can say for sure that without an OS, it won't be a very good NAS.

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    Make, model? Perhaps we can help.
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    @drRoss The HPE Microserver Gen 8, any help would be much appreciated..! The latest version of Ubuntu Server is currently on the drive.
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    @grosten What happens when you power on?
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    @drRoss It powers in as normal, when selecting USB FlashKey (I think that's what it was called) in the boot menu It gives me the error: "xe-e61 Media Test Failure".
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    @grosten Have you tried it in a different USB port? How about the internal one?

    Are you able to get into the ILO, it's probably a boot option?
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    @drRoss I've tried two different USB-sticks of 4Gb each, both in the external USB2 ports and the internal one. Using both dd and Unetbootin.

    Haven't tried ILO, I'm not very familiar with that.
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