Renaming a file is just too difficult for this piece of shit software.

Fixing bugs? Fuck no.

Fixing crashes? Fuck no.

Fixing the unnavigable IDE settings? Fuck no.

The IntelliJ platform is a bloated piece of shit at every level.

JetBrains cannot produce software that isn't held together by duct tape.

I can't name a single item of software they've ever produced that isn't a bloated piece of shit.

Even if you are prepared to waste a lot of time trying to file a bug report – which they usually just ignore or pretend not to be reproducible – you have to use another in-house heap of shit called YouTrack.

Have you tried using this piece of trash that masquerades as a bug tracker?

These people are fucking clinically insane.

While your IDE becomes unresponsive and crashes without warning, or your keyboard shortcuts just mysteriously stop working in the IDE, or indexing just stops working for no reason, why not check out their TikTok and Twitter accounts?

They've got an excellent PR team that knows how to polish a turd for public consumption, and to make money out of it.

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    So you opted in to the beta program?
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    What you just described is product development in the 21st century.

    I hate every piece of software I'm forced to use for lack of options.

    Everything that has been developed over the last 10 years is just a fucking nightmare.

    You know what I want out of these tools? I just want them to fucking do what they're supposed to do. No fills, no bells. Just. Fucking. Work.

    The editor I use? Company closed it down sometime in 2020 due to "changes in market strategy". I still use the same version that was released in 2012. Know why? It just works!

    I'll use this until I can't, and then I'll just lay down and die.
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    And people bitch about me using eclipse for all these years...
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    100% disagree. Using idea dayly for everything (even a lot of non dev stuff) because nothing else is needed. Zero complains. Tested youtrack, was okay. IntelliJ Support, (question about youtrack-git-integration) - okay answers where a little bit obnoxious but at least they tried to help and they did it fast.
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    I’m with @horus here. Use many of their products (more than one daily), and have almost no issues at all. Of course, there are issues, it’s software after all, but much less than with any other IDE I’ve used throughout the years (except maybe Qt Creator, but I only used it for a school project for a few months, so not much experience there…)

    Android Studio is an exception. Buggy piece of shit.
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    I haven't had much trouble with jetbrains IDEs and I use a couple of them.
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    @sariel modern software being shit... Where can I sign?
    Other than that, been using Rider for the last year. Much better than the Visual Studio
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    @100110111 I loved Qt Creator. It definitely just works. Creates a qml file and you can just hook up right into it. No problems.

    Qt Py is especially my favorite. It makes a lot of sense and everything connects well.
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    @Oktokolo If that's what you call every stable release, then yes.
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    Thank you for your predictable "works for me" feedback, but rest assured it did not change my mind.

    PhpStorm and the IntelliJ platform is a fundamental heap of trash unworthy of existence. Same applies to JetBrains.

    They know what they are, and they certainly know how much a heap of shit their software is.
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    @100110111 How novel this paradox is to read. IntelliJ great, Android Studio bad.

    Android Studio is a customised version of IntelliJ IDEA, just like PhpStorm, WebStorm and PyCharm.

    Every release is buggy and unreliable. Please save your apologies for someone that can be convinced that a turd is not a turd.
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    @bstogs just goes to show the problem is not the IntelliJ platform, but the shit Android dev requires.

    I am curious, though: what kind of a turd your setup is if JB products appear to you as piles of poo?
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    I regret that you do not understand.

    Perhaps software engineering is not right for you.
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    @bstogs an interesting response, I say, Karen.
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    @100110111 No worries, bunchofnumbers.
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