I just had my first "technical" interview with a CDO of a digital marketing startup currently employing ~50 people. The quotes come from the fact that he basically didn't ask me a single question - he basically spent 30 minutes talking about their tools, how everything works etc. I asked a metric shitton of questions, but I don't know how this whole situation could give any assessment of my position as a junior frontend web dev. I'm confused as balls.

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    Just had the same type of interview. The guy explained so much about the system and work i was at a lost what to ask.
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    What kind of questions you ask can speak volumes about your level of competence.
    I'm not saying that that's what they intended but..
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    @burmesepornstar That's what I thought initially, but...
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    I've given interviews where I knew the candidate has passed before asking a single question, just from their questions about our company.

    I still asked my questions, though.
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    @configurator what were some of the specific questions, you recall?
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    It was years ago, but highly technical questions that arise from me describing which frameworks I was using at the time at the candidate's request. The kind of questions that show the candidate had really known what they were talking about.
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    I must have asked something right, the guy said my interview was good and he liked me. My advice is after an interview is just let go and go on until you hear something. Never can judge these things because it's all about perspective. No use causing yourself undo stress.
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