Just finished a technical interview for a company that asked me to submit a small app.

I guess when they had written the requirements they had anticipated it to be written as a Webform not as a full MVC application 😂. They had expected me to complete and build this single page app in 2-3 hours not in 14... 🫥 Oops

So here we are reviewing it and asking questions about my setup and what I was trying to do. They were impressed enough with it that one guy even admitted that I might be a better programmer than him. 😳 A very kind compliment, but concerning because he's supposed to be my manager...

All in all got through everything and they want me over to meet the team and see what this shop is all about.
I'm excited, they company is seeing immense growth and I might be able to bring in my expertise to expedite some of it.

Did I mention they use SVN for version control? 😳
They want to get into Git soon but they don't know how to. I guess I'll be leading that cause.

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    Being a better programme than your superior is no issue. Leading a coding team takes more than hard skills. I boast the same claim for many of my previous positions and still I doubt I would be half as good in my superiors' positions.
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    @TheCommoner282 makes sense, that is true. They're taking on more responsibilities that are unrelated to coding.
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    There's literally nothing wrong in using SVN especially in enterprise environment.
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