I fear that in the future there will only be 2 possibilities as software developer

either work for pennies out of passion while others profit off your work as more and more open source developers do

or work in a dipshit heavy environment with soul-less automatons who look only to maximize a column or another in a spreadsheet until they are ready to retire and die

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    What you refer to as "open source developers" are not part of open source movement. More like consumers.
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    @vintprox what do you mean? Who are the producers then?
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    Producers are those open source developers, considering their contributions and project's permissive licensing.

    Now that I reread your sentence, "as more open source developers do" seems to be related to "work for pennies out of passion" and NOT the adjacent "others profit off your work". Well, sorry for confussion. Englis is confus
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    @vintprox No worries! I could have worded it better, i definitely see where the confusion comes from
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    "In the future...."

    Are you sure it's not "Since long time ago"?

    And it's not only for tech workers, basically we are all just wage slaves.
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    @cho-uc Depends, there are still some OSS devs who are doing good (not the guy that created faker.js and colors.js, obviously)

    I agree with wage slave, but that's just everyday status quo in the end
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