Pet peeve:

Putting screen shots in Word documents, then attaching the doc to tickets.

Mucking forons.

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    Lol forons everywhere!!!
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    Screenshots of text? :D
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    Oh God. Please. The endless torrents. And that is them being helpful. I cry. It hurts. They mean well. They care. No. No. Make it stop.

    You also have too many monitors and no context so it's become a hidden object game when I get told off like a child for taking more than a minute to do anything.


    Everyone hates us: We're support. Help.

    (Le me in January. Now am devving on the same wage and is the best thing that has ever happened ever.)
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    This reminds me of when a client sent me images in an Excel file, of all things. I stayed at that job for two months.
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    i hate it, specially when screenshot long urls
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