No one gives a shit about the fact i have computer science degree. No employer has asked me. Nobody cares. I can't get hired anywhere and i was promised to surely find a job if i have a degree. 6 years of nerve wrecking of my fucking life for a degree wasted in fire. I was SCAMMED. "Software engineering" universities are a fucking SCAM. SCAMMMMM. Fuck you. I'll make my own course and scam desperate people the same way universities do it. The same way andrew tate does it. Fuck you.

In life i learned that you will be successful ONLY IF:
- you have luck
- you're a wealthy millionaire
- you have connections

And you will FAIL IF:
- you try to do good and be fair

Fuck you

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    Do you have any projects to show off when you are talking to people?
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    @Linux i put them in cv and explained what i did there. In interview i further in details explained what i worked on. I cant give them the projects because they're contracted to remain private
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    It's easy to find work in this career.

    However, I doubt anyone told you it would be easy to get a *great* job.

    That will never be the case, anywhere, if only because of a pure numbers thing.

    If you want those, you gotta strive to be #1, and just by virtue of there only being one number 1, many others will be left on the way and will have to settle for other jobs.
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    @CoreFusionX IMHO top 3 is good enough
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    No one *stays* top anything if they don't keep striving to be the best.
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    Lol, based on your other rants I can 100% assure the problem is you. You learned what you needed to get a degree instead of learning to understand how these things work so you could be better at your job. As a result you apparently passed the databases subject, but still need another person's input to design even the most simple database for an interview. You went for projects that fill your CV with buzzwords like web3 and NFTs, and now you have nothing to show for yourself because all those things turned out to be overhyped bullshit; yet you didn't know that from the beginning because you apparently don't care to understand the technology behind something before you start using it.
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    For big companies, the degree is a formal barrier. You just aren't considered if you don't have it.

    But having it isn't making you good at applying or good at being interviewed. It doesn't even make you a good coder. You still need to git good in these things too if you want to make it through big corps assessment. Also a lot of big corps got absurdly picky.

    I suggest targeting smaller companies - depending on the company and its further growth, you can become a lead or project manager when the IT grows or people leave. Not the classic corporate career - but maybe it becomes enough to sustain a family eventually.
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    @CoreFusionX I'm staying top 8 bln and that's enough for me.
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    Allow me to place me doubt
    Everyone that I know, that has studied CS or anything IT related, has landed a job

    You are either one of following:
    You actually suck, your code suck


    You are trying to get roles you are not yet mature for.
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    Good. If you are happy where you landed, all power to you.

    That doesn't invalidate my point. Our career is one of constant learning, and if you fall behind, you *will* be replaced.
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