Any of android devs use iphones as daily phones?

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    I know some iOS devs who have Android devices as daily drivers, bit not the opposite.
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    I use android and iPhone almost equally. Android is personal and iPhone for work. This comment is from the iPhone only because the androids battery is almost dead. Oh yeah android dev.
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    The CTO at my work.. He's a 7-8years Android developer who prefer IOS than Android? Wtf
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    @VunterSlaush, probably he suffers it so much that he prefers the nice oasis of non-customization that iOS is 😆
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    I used to use my iPhone 5 but got a OnePlus 3 for my birthday last year.

    Still have my iPhone with me because still developing the iPhone app.

    I guess if I had a reason to use both I'd do it but I don't have any iPhone specific apps that I enjoy (I have République on my app store account, but phone is too small to enjoy it lol)
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    I myself find that iphone is... just a phone. Android has much better digital assistant, but if phone is primarily used for communication, then 3 year old iphone performs quite well.
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    Sadly the opposite is not possible
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