What is your view on the trend of major companies towards virtual technologies such as AR, VR and MR? Is it possible in future to replace computer with these technologies?

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    'In the future' sure

    Soon, I don't think so,

    at most / at first it will

    be an expensive tool

    for people that work

    with visiualization or

    need substitude info

    in their view, like:

    - Data Analysts

    - Designers

    - Architects

    - Maintenance Technicians
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    I don't think they will "replace" traditional computers since they serve different purposes. However, as time progresses, they will become standard accessories. Of course, specialised devices, like those that can be used to train doctors, etc., will become more and more realistic.

    On a more negative note, the idea of a corporate entity like Microsoft and Meta encouraging office environments to make work-from-home employees stand around as holograms in pointless meetings via these technologies is one of my many nightmares.
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    It’s not about replacing one computer to another. It’s about changing user-computer interaction.
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    Virtual tech will coexist with any other tech in near future. Did phones replaced computers? No. Did game consoles replaced computers? No. Each ome of them have different uses. It will definitely get much more popular with more use cases and advancements but I don't think it will replace current tech completely unless it evolves to "player one ready" level.
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    Honestly, AR VR companies should focus on replacing monitor, keyboard and the mouse. Only then the computer itself.
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