Tech Industry: “We need more developers!”

NewDev: “Hire me”

Tech Industry: “only experienced developers please! We don’t have time to train juniors ”

Older Dev: “Hire me”

Tech Industry: “no, you want too much money and too much time off“

Mid dev: “Hire me”

Tech Industry: “only experienced devs who are a culture fit!”

Robot dev: “Hire me”

Tech Industry: “You are Hired”

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    Happens in pretty much any industry tho... (I think)
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    And what if the robot devs require maintenance? Are they going to hire robot devs for that too? And if so, will there be an endless line of robot devs fixing robot devs fixing robot devs fixing...
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    So all old devs are old since they borned?
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    Like the saying goes 'Good senior developer can be substituted with finite number of student developers and student developer can be substituted with finite number of SO answers.'
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    @Chamiel infinite recursion. You caused a stackoverflow in the production line and now the entire building is on fire. I hope you're happy
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    Its kind of frustrating that they expect 5 years of experiance from us-juniors-. Like how...
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    @Gnu-Not-Unix Yes, yes I am. Devs against robots!
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    @ribchinski Exactly... I saw exactly the same thing couple months ago, they want a developer with at least 5 years of experience in certain tool that released like a year ago... Why... How.....
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    @kondanta I had the same problem when I started. I needed two years experience.
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    Yeah I know that. Also very common:

    "We just pay a lot of money for vendors instead of hiring a couple of good people"
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