I love to code, it scratches my creative itch

And i love to work, it drowns my productivity anxiety

But I dread every morning when i wake up to work on my current employer's project

It's that kind of combo of code base spaghetti and all over the place project management that sinks my galleys

Woe is me...

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    being an employee ain't freedom I'm afraid
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    I was in a situation just like that half a year ago. “FUCK THIS” I told myself and just rewrote the entire codebase. I was able to do this in like three weeks because I was and still am the only dev on this codebase. Since nobody is code reviewing me and nobody actually tests my completed Jira issues I could easily do this under the radar of my team. I just created Jira tickets for “Maintenance tasks” and convinced the product owner to prioritize it into the sprints. Features I worked on I just told my team took longer time than estimated. And of course estimations can easily be too low so that was understandable by everyone. Now that I’ve rewritten the shitty codebase into this perfectly clean codebase instead I am finally really enjoying working on it.
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    @pandasama yeah but sometimes it's the lesser of the evils. What's the alternative? Trying to make it big as an enterpreneur when you're a 20-something with too little experience (not technical experience, experience with the customer and the market), being torn apart by the market and ending up burned out and in debt? It doesn't sound a more freeing option
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    I understand you, I loved the first 1.5 years of my IT job, then I was "body rented" to a big corp customer and I spent three years in an hell of bureocracy and slow management which prevented us to dimo our job. Luckily now the situation significantly improved.
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