Recently, our COO left the company and we got a new one. He is, for some reason, a freelancer which I find very odd as a C-level employee.

Anyway, fast forward 3 months and we the scrum master (or project manager), 60% of our dev team, one tech guy responsible for installations and our intern IT support department all got fired.

Now they gave me the decision for a raise, extra training (that they pay) but I have to find/figure out or an e-bike. Does anyone have some advice?

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    I got a very nice holiday coming up end of July so I wanna stick it out till then.

    The perks at my job are great. The pay is a bit below average
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    a raise or an e-bike?

    how does that even compare? is the raise just 10€ more per month or have e-bikes suddenly become expensive?
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    In my country, wages are heavily taxed so the company wants to not give a raise but gives something that is less taxed (an item like an ebike (he mentioned a decent one cost 2k already quite fast) or something we can choose), training ((online) courses that cost a few thousand euro).

    I think you see the reason why.

    But I think training/getting certificates might be better but I cannot find anything that is not "from zero to junior" or certificates for mediors/seniors in a different tech stack (back-end, AWS architecture, etc).

    Hence the advice.
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    I think if you're intending to stay more than till July a raise is the best. Otherwise maybe an electric cargo bike or super expensive notebook?

    Finding a useful course is difficult. I could have some as well, but I don't know what to take,
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    So they are basically in the process of completely outsourcing all their IT and you will be the only one left? That can't be a nice company to work for.
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