I’m so done with people bruh. Getting friends an adult is literally just having pissing contests about status, money, and power. Like am I just supposed to sit there and really truly believe that something fucking POSITIVEEE will come out of my restraint instead of taking two hands and beating their face into a fucking bowl when they talk to me rude?!? “Like no I don’t mind at all how you mentioned your cool new house in that manner, I really hope it doesn’t burn down with your family inside :)” The amount of conceited, prideful, scumbag, asshole, penisbreath, pieces of raw shit that inhabit the earth makes me question my own validity for existing. 99.999% of people I would never want to marry, be friends with, or even really speak to - because you know what?!? - because why??!? - because it’s a waste of my own fucking time that’s why. I could think of a million things to do that would actually benefit us all instead of being entrapped in a useless fucking social experience with these fucks. Everyone is a obese fucking pillow princess, and I hope the only thing that they can eventually fuck is themselves. FUCK

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    Just become friends with nerds and language learners. Much more fun.
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    It is hard making friends with adults.
    But there are many people out there who are just like you and need a friend.
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    @Ohiorenua this person speaks the truth.
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    There are people who aren't all about sports and social status. You just have to find them (that is the hard part).
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    But srsly I have a hard time encountering the types of ppl you describe (except in traffic maybe).
    Does that make me one of them? Or maybe you are taking out some other frustation on them?

    Most ppl I work with are agreeable, we love to have a chat, go for lunch, and I usually regret not having enough time to get to know' em better
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