Aaaaaaaargh!! Fing ashole!!
I got a major blocker reported, tried to connect to client, two of the user accounts were locked out because some genious used the last months password too many times.. FUUUU!! This happens almost every month!! FU! I go to the support dpt to check WTH is with those user accounts and got told the VPN is fucked up anyway so I will not be able to connect in any casr (disconnecting, bad transfer rate, it has a flue or prebirth cramps...whatever...). Ok, I ask if anyone notified our network admins and theirs.. And in response one guy mumbles something... I asked really really pissed off (due to the seriousnrs of the situation, we have max 8h to fix blockers and must check what is going on in minutes) if he is talking to me and answering my question or just talking to himself. He then a little bit more audiably said: we all are unable to work, you are not the only one with this problem & if you have a solutio... I already stormed out. Yes, everyone has problems connecting, no not everyone has a fucking blocker assigned to them!! Mayor malfunction on our system is not the same as archiving old processing data!!!

Simple yes or no question: did anyone notify our network admins & client's network admins?! And client's management that we have technical problems and cannot check the blocker situation immediately?! And I get a mumbling incompetents guy response... OmFG yes, I have a solution for you!! Go and jump of of the terrace!!

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    With all due respect, you sound like you're being the ass here. If you have a company wide network problem, you won't be the only one with issues. Everybody's job is important to them - it's what they're paid for. Being a bad-tempered sod won't solve your problem any quicker either. Perhaps your colleague mumbled at you because you have a reputation for angry interactions. I know I don't know you at all and I'm making a lot of assumptions here, but you're painting one side of the story and you don't sound like a very understanding or accommodating work mate.
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    Yeah I do have a zero tolerance for bullshit & lazy coworkers. And I confirm this one was below belt, even for me..
    But as you said, company wide problem that none of the other coworkers knew about until they go personally ask wtf is happening, and this pisses me off. If you know we have a problem, notify coworkers so they don't lose time figuring out wth nothing is working.. Some people aren't doing their jobs and then they are being smartasses. He did sent an email to both network admins after this, but no notifications for other coworkers.
    And other coworkers are pissed off at this guy too. Always mumbling, you tell/show him what to do & how and he still spends 25mins looking blankly into space, contemplating stuff and how he should to this and then decides he has to go and asks someone else to do this for him.. So it is not just me, everyome is losing temper over this particular guy, I have no clue why is he still here 2bh..
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    @sladuled Zoë, is that you?
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    @Mislead no, this is Patric
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