StackOverflow is ruthless! You only have to breathe and you'll get downvoted!

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    As long as your question hasn't been obviously answered somewhere else it generally won't be scrutinized. Additionally as much as it sucks that fear that the community instills into you keeps the website clean rather than been filled with reposts that vary slightly. In doing this it will make you feel obligated to search around yourself a little bit even if your question hasn't been answered directly a lot of times you can piece it together by searching for multiple subquestions to assertain an answer to the whole question that process alone makes you a better programmer IMO.

    TLDR: Yeah SO is rough but it's only with good intentions
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    Never had any problems with So. Helped me with a lot of problems. :)

    Just need to be very precise at how you explain your problem.
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    @jAsE SO is an international site for programmers. If your problem is localized, chances are high it's either not really about programming or not useful to the majority of us.
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    @max-dng Sorry, but breathing is Off-topic on StackOverflow. Please only post questions about programming
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