so anyone can share their experience on living away from home in a shared flat and working remotely?

i will be in a similar situation in upcoming months . my office will be 2 day wfo nd 4 day wfh.

for wfo, i think i will be coming home back at 7pm , prepping dinner doing some additional stuff (house chores, refreshing, maybe gym, relaxing, tv etc) and be sleep at 11 pm. i still need to figure out a morning routine tho.

but problem will be in wfh days and Holidays. how do you guys pass that time?

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    I have fallen down the rabbit hole of mindless youtube watching lol.

    Now I take my phone to bed and hate myself for this at least once a week lol.

    Be aware of that possibility.
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    Shared flats are good when sharing with compatible people and bad otherwise. It is incredibly hard to predict the compatibility of people. I have some good and mostly bad experiences with shared living.

    Working from home at any time you want is great though. No commuting anymore. Way more scheduling freedom. And you can work in an environment you control. You have to be careful to not work everyday though - lest you burn out quickly. That we only need common infrastructure and a PC for our jobs is a real blessing - imagine being a cashier or welder...
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    If the person you’re living with is considerate and quiet, and if you have a private space work/can work from bedroom, you’ll be fine.

    If the person you live with decides to have to a party while you work then 🤷
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    If this is your first time sharing a flat with someone, make sure you lay down some essential rules very quickly with regards to house chores (cleaning chores especially). My experiences with sharing flats always ended up turning sour because of roommates not cleaning up after themselves. You end up having to be their dad and things go south very quickly.
    Only 1 in 4 roommates I had over the years turned out to be someone respectful in regards to holding up their part of cleaning duties
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    As @Oktokolo said, it depends on the people lottery.

    But do try to socialize with your flatmates. Preferably outdoors.

    Being isolationist, specially if you're gonna live away from friends and relatives can quickly lead to a depression spiral.

    As for chores, this again varies by people lottery. Do seriously consider paying for a housemaid if affordable. Solves 99% of these issues.
    In Barcelona I had those issues because my working hours would be unpredictable and thus some chores would get inevitably delayed and cause grief.

    If you get good flatmates, you can always share fairly. Back in uni, I was the only decent cook in the flat, and had mornings free, so we decided they'd take care of cleaning and I'd take care of cooking for everyone.

    Everyone was happier, saved a ton of money in energy/food costs, and always had a decent hot meal after terrible morning classes.
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    Why are you working 6 days a week?
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