The past few days ive been looking into angular.

Its a bloated piece of crap. It makes your page twice the fucking size and adds tons of unneccessary code with shit syntax. Whatever you do in angular can be done in a normal language, even fucking vanilla javascript. Stop fucking making unneccessary frameworks for js developers who are too lazy to learn a proper language.

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    Websites are bloated AF. I imagine 99% of website content can be server rendered. But sure, add a couple of megs of additional data that's not really needed, because you can mask the time it takes to query a database for data that is as static as the morning routine of a 80 year old.
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    It's really a question of context.

    If you code a blog or a small single-page app you might be fine with jQuery spaghetti code and 0 unit tests, but when working on a larger project, the separation into small, testable components makes me retain my mental sanity.

    Some things look complicated on first glance, but are made to be expressive, and while they may seem overly verbose, you get many benefits in a larger codebase and allow using the same code in multiple ways - for example, the app I work on is be rendered on the server or in a webworker to utilize all CPU cores.

    The switch to TypeScript is another thing I never want to go back from - although you would not need Angular to write TypeScript.

    The good thing of the JavaScript land is that you can use whichever framework you want, our no framework, our write your own.
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    You seem to entirely miss the point of angular. Try to work on a larger scalable web app (no, making a checklist alone does not count) and you will quickly notice why TOOLS like angular are needed.

    When people are working on larger projects its simply not feasible to avoid streamlining certain things, cowboy coders making everything from scratch are just a roadblock sometimes.

    But yes, sites are getting bigger, but the hardware and software running it is getting faster too.
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