That's it!! Code::Blocks sucks! It can't stay 5 minutes without crashing. Do you guys know a good IDE for C++? (Preferably for linux)

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    I've never had code blocks crash on me
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    I had only one crash in last five years and that was using some nightly build. What distro, CB version,... are you using?
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    I just stop using IDE instead 😏
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    I'd suggest JetBrains CLion, but that requires a paid license.

    I'd say NetBeans or an editor, such as Vim or VSCode.
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    @firusvg I use Ubuntu 17.04 and CB version 16.01
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    CLion is great (but paid)
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    I use sublime and terminal. Odd I know.
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    If you're a student you can get JetBrains cLion for free :)
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    I used to write in Sublime, of course tried CLion like others mentioned. For Java I still use JetBrains stuff, but it makes a dev too lazy. My point is a low level language like C should be done in the plainest way as possible, while a higher level should be done in an all-inclusive IDE. Recently I started to use VSCode or other "Smart text editor". It's not much, but better than good ol' Nano. Yet no more time wasted adding required stuff like brackets, and others.
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