I got invited to a meeting today that had my name on it, with no agenda or context....

And the invite was sent less than 2 hours before the meeting.

Can you decline a meeting from your boss?

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    You can decline anything from your boss. If they have a problem with that, they can schedule another shitty meeting tomorrow to discuss it with you.
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    wait... meetings can have agendas or context?

    that's complete news for me.
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    Not even a title with something meaningful in it?
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    congratulations on getting fired or promoted lol
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    I would say it depends on the company and the boss.

    I do decline meetings quite frequently but thats because I have 7-10 every day so my boss understands that I often need to focus on other meetings.

    And it also depends on the meeting of cause but since you got no context thats no clue ;)

    But my safe advice would be to only decline a meeting with the boss if you have something that you know he will think is more important, and if possible, decline with an explanation of why, that way, he can mail you back if he thinks his meeting is more important.

    If its a bad boss though you probably need to have the meeting, bad bosses usually have an inflated opinion on their importance and the importance of the meeting.
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    @LotsOfCaffeine nope, just {myName review}
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    You can always decline. For all your boss knows you might have informally decided on a pair programming session at the same time.

    But it's better to just ask "Hi, I saw you scheduled a meeting - what's it about?" and maybe throw in a "had planned on working on X at that time" to prevent them from just answering "I'll tell you during the meeting"
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