I'm pretty decent at learning from books, articles and other written sources but I really struggle with meetings and frontal lessons.

I'm the only one?

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    Me too, it's because they always fail to get to the point. You need to wait for the 15 other people in the room to understand the current topic to switch to the next one.

    It's easier and cheaper to crawl some book or written resource, because you're not depending on other people slowness to find what you're looking for. University is the same, I used to get bored to death doing in 4 hours what I would have done in 20 minutes
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    6 billion people and yes, you are the only one
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    @aviophile statistically speaking it’s almost obvious that I’m not the only one but it seems a pretty unpopular take among my peers which tends to learn from frontal lessons and YouTube
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    Trust me, you aren't the only one, I basically sleep during lectures in uni
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