Wanted to download Ballance (amazing game btw) to my IBM ThinkPad running XP. Wi-Fi download speed in SeaMonkey (the only modern browser for XP) was super slow, obviously, so I just opened my MacBook running Ventura, downloaded the game, and then SEAMLESSLY connected to my ThinkPad. Yes, to Windows XP. Out of the box. Good luck doing it on Linux. If that isn't convenience, I don't know what is.

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    P. S. Windows PC's have BSOD preview image on macOS. Yep, cheap shot.
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    You mean the game with the wooden ball and puzzles?
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    @iiii yeeesss!!! memory unlocked
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    I've played that one as well. Good game
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    @iiii three balls: stone, wood, paper — all with different tricks enabled by their weight. Paper can climb vertical rails and fly, stone can push things around but will break flimsy bridges, it's genius

    and the sound design, ooooh my goood the sound when you hit those huge metal dome platforms added here and there with the wooden ball

    an absolute gem of a game

    I sooo want it on switch
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    Damn that's a good game! Brings some good memories :) along with The World Of Goo and Machinarium :)

    the urge to download AquaNox is rising 😁
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    @netikras I'm Google DNS! 😱😱😱😱
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    @iiii how did you lose 40 points? Did you try to hit :D
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    @iiii there you go!
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