Never tired to say to them...

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    and not a printer installer
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    @edwrodrig lol, another request from the muggle
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    I just had a question about the printer....
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    "Can you please copy my photos from camera to PC? Are you studying software engineering, right?"

    Fuck you.
    But I did it, for €50.
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    @JS96 that's a pretty price for copying photos

    Especially if they want you to do it again ;)
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    Sorry guys but I'm getting a bit tired of this type of posts. I mean, as a programmer the chance is higher that you can fix technical problems than asking a random guy in the street. So can't really blame them for asking. But if you WANT to fix their shit, that's another question..
    Yes, I'm a programmer that CAN fix printer problems 😁
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    @obia I blame for asking and not trying. Most of time is just lazy ppeople that don't RTFM
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    @edwrodrig agreed, super annoying!
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