Well just blew up a coding interview.

Got an offer to be a Drupal dev and was expecting questions on Drupal API and module dev but got asked how to find the closest Enemy in an array and blah blah blah.

Interesting question but man. My mind got blank and got nervous. It's been a while since I've done a question like that and I've been coding for 10+ years.

I would've love to solve that in another language such as Python or C++ but got stuck on PHP because it was a Drupal position. But I only use PHP for Drupal modules and templates who are highly dependant on Drupal API. Or even WordPress plugins. But I try to avoid WordPress because is shit.

Guess the job market hasn't changed since I graduated back in 2014. So I feel a little bummed down. But I guess I'll just have to practice those type of problems as well. At least the problem solving method.

At least it will be an excuse to do those leetcode problems.

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    Sorry to hear that, at least for me, they didn't ask one questions related to leetcode, only small realworld area specific 'problems' / exercises.
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    I’m curious about the question. Do you remember it? If so could you please share?
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    I remember once, I got interviewed and asked about the search algorithms and what bubble sort is, after landing the job, found out the quality of the code is fucken shit, and yes no bubble sort.
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    @neriald sure it's the closest enemy question in coderbyte. It's an easy one but wasn't expecting this for a specific role in Drupal.
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    @samymassoud Thought of the same thing before I got asked this question. I was expecting to debug or review a Module or something of the Drupal backend. Or even scripts for the cli tools. I get that they want to test the vanilla coding skills. But still. Got a little sad that coding interviews haven't changed since I was a jr 10 years ago.
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    My opinion remains unchanged: coding challenges are shit and the reviewing process shouldn't be a test of "who can learn the most by heart". When someone knows a lot without understanding it, they're still a moron.
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    No worries I am facing the same. Like having 6+ years of experience but still question they asked not related to the language or tech. Like since I am in field so I focus on output and code quality. But in interview they asked question related to algo and array. :( Maybe I have to revise from the base.
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    I remember my last interview, I thought with 30+ years experience in such a niche field that I was bound to get the job.

    But they didn't ask me a single technical question !!!

    They tested to see if I could use a mouse and keyboard.. ( The guy who got the job, failed this test.. but they had a mate who worked there ! )

    And questioned me about my choice of shoes..

    ( You had to wear only bespoke tailored clothing/shoes, even though you never met the clients in person ! )
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    I think my next interview I'm just going to say:

    "I see your company is staffed by idiots, so you really need to hire me."

    Actually, I don't need an interview for that, an email will be just as efficient and save me wasting my time travelling for 8 hours to spend 2 hours being asked about my shoe choices..


    "I see your company is staff by idiots, I can pretend to be one of those ! "

    How do you find out which companies are not staff by idiots and are worth applying to get a job in ?
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