Finished an MVP of my garage-opener-thingamajig!

Basically I decided I wanted to control my garage from my app. Retail solutions are expensive af. As a dev, the choice was easy!

HC-SR04 sensor
DHT temperature sensor
5v Relay
Nativescript + Angular

Result: i can open my garage anywhere, safely (sorta?) via firebase, and get push notifs when it gets opened (from hcsr04), which triggers the pi camera, while also getting live temp feeds (this one is kinda for the giggles and utterly pointless but NUMBERZ!)

Anyway - fun side project! First version of my app looks like this. Its very rough, and I have a couple more details I wanna display, but for a first time app I'm happy!

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    No hate, but read it as 'garbage app'...
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    @RAZERZ tbf the code is probs kinda garbage... 😅
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    @yusijs that's sadly relatable
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    So, like "welcome to my home, NSA"

    No, joking, nice project!
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    Backdoor anyone??
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    @yusijs looks cool! So how exactly did you interface with the garage door itself to get it to open/close? I'm assuming it's already motorized and you have a fob or something to open it from short ranges?
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    @smithalan2 there's a low voltage intake on my garage door (same thing as wall mounted buttons / keypads / etc), which I've connected a NC relay to. :)
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    @-eth I have so many connected devices, the NSA and me are basically best buds lately.
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    Looks good
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    Nice one.

    I would love a feature in this app where we can post our own creations and read about others.
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