for everything to move on people have to shed their greed but you people also have to shed the pointlessly destructive characteristics which are inherent to your core natures. the idiotic thing you people fought to infect the world with most especially.

life wasnt easy but it wasnt this hard.

someone told me that you people think this stupid color number idiot slave bullshit is cleaved to because its believed that is the only way to have anything in this life.

what did you people really do to earn any of the few things you got ? and there the ability to do these things, travel which is harmless, stay in nice hotels which is harmless, see things, which is harmless, have time to visit museums and the like which is harmless, without your lives being ruined.. which is happening because you all allow this.

a cycle completes its period. something is lost, mostly energy youth and time.

why not simply give the people a promise of some time and some better reward and cap things like inflation and do away with all the stupid shit that originally just derived from bored rich people throwing you all some table scraps in exchange for degrading yourselves and destroying future generations ?

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