Does anyone know a good resource for learning how to use Git properly? I've learned piecemeal over the last year, but still run into stupid conflicts when transferring a project between machines that often requires me to redownload the repo and then download the changes from the dev server before starting again.

I'm an independent shop, so I don't have any senior devs or corporate policies to refer to for best practices.

Thanks in advance!

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    just remeber to push your changes daily.
    dev in branches, merge to master after you are done, and prune dead branches regularly.
    Also: git is very bad for binary files, so don't put them under version control.
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    Use the CLI, yes the learning curve is steeper but you'll actually learn it rather than a UI based tool like Sourcetree or Tower. I'm only working on a very simple model but it's basiically branch early branch often.
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