I almost did not write any code for the entire week. But I talked to a few people…LIKE A BILLION OF THEM!!!

My calender has completely gone crazy Bonanza big time in like a few weeks and org now want me FUCKING FLY TO A DIFFERENT COUNTRY to explain some rudimentary stuff for a bunch of folks. And I’m like… what about using a telephone and computer instead, I got a life you know!? People are fucking calling in from India, US and Pakistan every day but I need to go to a neighbouring country for this shit!? Turns out manager there is fucking crazy and HATES video calls and I’m like… yeah now I am REALLY not fucking going there!!!

Family will suffer, I will suffer, planet will fucking DIE.

Stupid crazy bosses…

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    Dang for a job where you’re sitting at your desk day in and day out, flying to a different country sounds exciting
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    I could use my organization sending me to another country to teach people basic shit ... just not to a country that ends in `-istan`. I am Indian.
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    @sideshowbob76 totally sympathize with you Re: being unable to code but having to act as a consultant and help a gazillion other people . Mostly coders.
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