Today, my manager complained that my productivity doesn't match that of a senior engineer. I pointed out that senior isn't in my job title. He told me he thought of me as a senior engineer. I didn't dispute that that matches the level of experience I have, but it's not in my job title.

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    @MeowHeart 100% ❤️
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    Tbh I care more about the title than the paycheck, mostly because it has a bigger impact on the next job, and I took a lower salary to begin with because I'd been out of work for a year after being unwell. But yeah, he acknowledged that I'm producing more than my colleague (also not a senior, but also seen as one 🤦‍♂️) that is considered "more experienced than me" (they aren't, but whatever).

    But for the record, you bet your ass I act my wage.
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    Sounds like an a-hole to me! Leave! ♥️
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