No matter the hard work you want to do, how much time you want and really spend to complete something, always a scumbag project manager will set the dates so that you won't make it in f*ing time!! Really now, it is frustrating!!

Well, I moved to a new company and all seems vanilla. But you know. Now I have this lesson to remind myself.

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    We're one step further. Here we already start with unrealistic timelimes.
    So no frustration in the middle of a project...
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    @ddephor Actually the projects I am referring to, were easily at the first sight multiple months projects. Project manager said they were 1 month project. Then he said 2 months and so on. He never understood and never realized his mistake. Or he didn't want to. So it was from the start and continued till the end.
    Can't touch this!!

    I moved to another company so good riddance!! 😛😛
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    I'm right back from a meeting where we were told that a customer was promised additional (big) features because we're late on the main features. Deadline by the end of month and so far nobody even tried to think about necessary concepts.

    Yeah, more work really helps getting things done in time and customer specific concepts and solutions just pop out of nowhere.

    And sadly this is not the first time something like that happened recently.
    *FML* *really pissed off right now*
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    @ddephor I feel you.
    1. Hang in there!
    2. Search for a new job. You won't be able to change their minds and you have to accept it.
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