Threaded API Calls, or rather:

How I killed five server instances in one shot..

Creating 50000 Threads sounds like a good idea in general, the bad part starts when you use start() in a for loop to run them all at once.

No further comments your honor...

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    Forkbomb where you at
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    What do you need 50000 threads for, if you don't mind me asking?
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    @cr78 a *few* api calls

    Basically I can get a list of elements from a single api call but to get details about the element I need to call api/<element_id> again, that's how 50000 threads were created
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    In which universe do 50000 threads sound like a good idea?!
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    @Krokoklemme the idea was to only call X Threads at once though and not all of them
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    @sambadevi then why not reuse them?
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    @Krokoklemme I didn't know how at that point, doesn't matter now though, used ThreadPools and such but not working for the company anymore
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