I know this is just an ad, but who the fuck attaches a hard drive disk directly to a FUCKING oscilloscope?

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    HR does
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    I mean, once you crack the case open, it's really just a toy anyway.

    Besides, SSD baby.
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    What the fuck is this an ad for? Osciloscopes? I think most people who would buy one would know how to use it.
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    It's for data recovery, what they obviously do with an oscilloscope *facepalm*

    Even better: https://youtube.com/watch/...
    Description says: "I don't know what happened, but since a few days the drive is found but not initialized. Now I opened it and the behaviour seems strange. Does anyone have an idea what's happening? Can it be rescued?"

    Yes, opening eletronic devices always help, ventilation is important, surely it was just stale air *Arrrgh*
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    As Selena Gomez would say, it ain't me
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    Job description:
    - You have a PhD in physics, astrology and computer science
    - 10 years of professional oscilloscope use obligatory
    - 8 years with Android 7 and Kotlin
    - Proficient in using blue, green and yellow wires
    - candidates knowing how a hard drive looks preferred
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